Balance and Nutrition

for Body, Mind & Spirit



Join us for socials, educational sharing,
vendor fairs, potluck suppers, coffees,
meet the coaches, networking and more.



Personal Development includes
defining our goals,

          visualizing our dreams,

growing such that we can really

       conceive, believe, and achieve

our way to a

      Nourished and Balanced Successful life. 



Connect with professionals
        specializing in

supporting your overall plan 

Increasing PROFITS

with COFFEE  

Coffee Shops, Deli's
and Food Trucks 

and business owners around the globe



High Nutrition in easy to consume forms

to improve the nutrition of our seniors.
Promoting healthy brain function and
amino acids to build muscle not lose it.


Sofia shares - she enjoys her evening spritzer 

almost as much as know her care giver can relax

and let her eat her cheeze-its during "Golden Girls".

GMO awareness month

Genetically Modified Foods ??





A Taste of Sofia's


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